Do you hear what I hear? Do you see what I see?

Last night there was a storm. My arthritis told me there was something coming because my hands had been bothering me all day. I don’t usually wake up during a storm but this one did. The loud claps of thunder and the bright flashes of lightening came in frequent and repetitive waves. I began to wonder if I should head to the basement but decided to first peak out the window. I looked up at the sky and at the tops of the trees. A very bright flash of lightening flooded my eyes and it took me a moment to see again.

As I looked out the window at the nasty weather, I began imagining that in place of the howling wind I was hearing trumpets. I imagined that I was looking out of my window and up at the sky because my heart was telling me that the most joyous moment has come, namely the rapture. I imagined that instead of my cowering in a basement I was rising up off the ground to meet Jesus. I imagined that in that moment all the pain of arthritis leaving my body instantly. I imagined that the bright light in the sky was not ominous lightening but warm and welcoming to my eyes. As I look around me and see others rising off the earth to meet their Savior; those whom have been transformed in the blink of any eye, I can almost hear the voice of one left behind asking, “Did anyone lose an artificial hip?”

What a difference there is between tightly clenching my eyelids shut because of a flash of bright lightening and gazing into the brightest Light imaginable with eagerness and joy! Now, the fear of the storm did not have a lasting effect on me because in place of its anger I made a connection to the coming of the Bridegroom for His Bride. What Bridegroom? Jesus. What Bride? All of us on this earth who have believed on and deeply loved Jesus as their Savior and have waited for our returning King.

I look forward to that day when I may get to hear the tinkling sound of my dental crowns falling onto the ground as I rise up to meet Jesus in the air. I look forward to that day when there is no more sorrow, suffering or death to hinder me. I endure this earth for a little while longer and soon I wait expectantly to be rising and

……….blinking in sunlight………

Janet Williams

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