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Fill your mind with God’s acts of goodness; recount them with thankfulness in your heart, and your mouth will pour forth from your minds’ and hearts’ leading.

Fill your mind with the world’s badness; recount its evil in your heart often, and your mouth will pour forth from your minds’ and hearts’ leading.

Yep, our mouths tell on us. They reveal what is really in our hearts and on our minds. (Luke 6:45) We can’t seem to help it. In the end we chop away at our own peace because we spend more mental time engaged in remembering and going over in our heads the bad things happening all around us than we do in remembering God’s amazing goodness. But, God is not asking us to stop telling Him of our hurts and needs. He’s also not asking us to stop telling others of our hurts and needs. That’s not what I’m getting at here.

What I am getting at here is that we (who are in Christ) must fill our hearts and minds with the amazing things God is doing all around us. In order to have the peace that Jesus promised us we have to put God’s acts of goodness, mercy and kindness that He has shown to us in remembrance and hold fast to those thoughts above all others.


We (who are in Christ Jesus) are headed to an all-eternity bash. We will be face to face with the one Who created us. I’m pretty sure that God won’t be wanting to hear from me a retelling of all the pains and suffering I witnessed on the earth as much as He wants to hear from me how He vanquished every foe and set me, a prisoner, free. I can be pretty sure of this because God is a God of goodness, mercy and freedom. He has promised to always be with us and never forsake us. He is faithful and He abides forever. He wants to hear us recount all the amazing things He did for us. He wants to hear that we saw it and appreciated everything He did. He wants to hear that we know what a Great God He Is. He wants to hear that we know His divine nature and that we stood faithfully on His promises. He longs to hear how His Word helped us in times of great trials and need. And if we aren’t doing all of this on this earth then we aren’t convincing Him that we are confident that His good has really triumphed over evil.

There’s something else. If all we do is dwell on all the bad things happening in the world around us and stand in awe, shock and amazement at the evil who is it that will recount to others of God’s goodness? How will anyone get saved? And aren’t we then doing the same thing as those who refuse to accept Jesus and His amazing gift of His death on the cross for us? How have we shown that we have something more and that it is something they want?

Let me encourage you to look for and be more amazed at what you see God doing in your life and in the lives of those believers around you more than you are amazed at the news of the new depths of evil which some have sunk down into.

After all, isn’t it a better feeling to be amazed at good than the feeling of being amazed at acts of evil, violence, rudeness and terror?

That is my heart, that you and I together will see, hear and know God’s amazing acts, ways and nature.  It is that amazement that leaves us smiling and…

…blinking in sunlight!

Janet Williams

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