Jesus’ acceptability to the Father makes us acceptable also (part 3)

The Father didn’t need to make everyone acceptable in His eyes, just One and that One is Jesus.  And, the only way to enter the Father’s presence or to live in heaven for all eternity is by having been made acceptable. It is not by feeling God’s love for you or having done great works on the earth. It is by being transformed from the sin-stained soul that each human is on this earth into a cleansed soul that brings us acceptance by God into His heaven.

Jesus is our Righteousness. Jesus became our acceptability when we could not attain acceptability to enter heaven or stand before the heavenly Father on our own.

He is the only One Who can stand before the Father because Jesus is the only One Who has ever been both human and yet remained sin-free. Jesus got it right where every human has gotten it wrong. Therefore, since I am in Christ and have Jesus’ blood on me, I can enter into the Father’s presence through Jesus. Through Jesus alone I am made acceptable; cleansed of all sin; to enter into the Father’s presence and qualify for God’s free gift of eternal life. But, apart from Jesus I can do nothing (John 15:5) This is why Jesus said that the only way to the Father is through the Son. (John 14:6) And again it is why Ephesians 2:13 says, that once we were far off (separated from God by our sin) but have now been brought near by the blood of Jesus.

I hope that through these few articles you have begun to ask yourself the same question I ask myself which is, “Even though I know I feel God’s love for me, is everything I’m involved with acceptable in God’s sight?”

It is my sincere hope that you begin today by seeking God about the way He views your life’s direction through what you are involved in and that you find the strength and willingness to let go of any wrong paths.

After all…..blinking in sunlight is far better a future than the alternative!

Janet Williams


God’s love for us versus God’s acceptance of us (part 2)

In my last entry, I stated…


Your brother is standing at your front door. He was let out of prison on a technicality and was in prison in the first place for murder. He asks you, “I don’t have anywhere else to go, can I stay with you and your family?” You love your brother but fear for the safety of your family. What do you do?
In this imaginary scenario I envision the convicted murderer’s brother saying, “no”. Perhaps, he would work to find a different place for his brother to live because of fear for the safety of his family. He may help him find a home or find work but he wouldn’t let him near his wife or children and he wouldn’t let his brother into his home. He wouldn’t let him in because he found his brother’s actions of murder unacceptable. The question must arise inside this family man’s mind, “Since my brother murdered before is this a pattern of behavior? Will he also kill us?”
But, a completely different scenario is possible. The family man agrees and welcomes his brother into his home. Perhaps, the family man sees that his brother is lost and alone and that this is an opportunity to show God’s love? For the family man, love is greater than the fear of safety. For him, taking a chance on love is more important. But, the same question still must ricochet through his mind, “Since my brother murdered before, is this a pattern of behavior? Will he do it all again?”
This is the question God had in Genesis 3:22. (more…)