A fuller, deeper oneness with Christ.

God desires to be close with His children. He knows that closeness with us will keep us from straying into temptation. His desire isn’t to watch us from afar but to go with us. He yearns to be a part of everything we go through, think and do.

During the centuries before Jesus’ life here on earth, God gave us the Prophets. These were a specific group of people who heard from God and then told others what God was saying. But, there was a gap between the Prophets and ordinary men. Ordinary men were afraid of the Prophets and no matter how hard the Prophets tried to explain God’s heart to men, they just couldn’t quite get the message. These ordinary men lacked the inner revelation that would make it real and personal to them. The revelation that would have made a difference in their understanding of God’s words to the Prophets needed to begin from the inside; from their own mind; from their own heart.

So, ordinary men would temporarily change their ways and work (for a while) to please God by repenting of their sins and turning their lives around but they had no inner strength of God to keep themselves on the right track and they fell back into old habits.

God wanted man to see that his human nature was flawed and corrupted. God wanted man to recognize that apart from Him humans could do nothing. But, humans didn’t get that. What humans did was blame God, resent God and turn away from God out of anger. Human nature coupled with sin spurred men on to denying God the fellowship He desired and they turned to other, futile gods.

So, God sent His Son, Jesus. God desired to close this gap. He realized that humans could never reach up into heaven and come close to God. God had to come to humans, as a human and live among them as they live. God’s Son, Jesus, was the perfect One to do this. Born of the Virgin, God used divine sperm and united it with a human egg. Thus, Jesus was fully God and fully man. Jesus, also, was born without sin. Since His Father was God, there were no sins of His Father that were passed down to Him. Jesus came and walked along beside us. He taught us of the Father. He showed us the Father’s heart and great love for us.

Jesus was God and now, in the flesh, He was far more real and far closer to a larger number of humans than He had been for centuries. But, even the men who were closest to Jesus had trouble comprehending what Jesus was saying to them. Jesus’ parables didn’t make sense. They needed everything explained. The Disciples could not get certain ideas out of their heads and other ideas in. After all, the Disciples thought that Jesus was going to be a military leader and overthrow the rulers of the day. They struggled with strange and foreign ideas of love and forgiveness. Jesus touched humans but still they struggled with understanding God’s message.

After Jesus’ death and resurrection, we come to our current age where we have the gift of the Holy Spirit. In that upper room God gave humans a special gift of a Helper and an inner counselor. This Helper was not designed to overpower us but to counsel us. What we (humans) did with that counsel was still up to us. But, His Spirit would bring us inner power and wisdom. The wisdom and understanding of God now flowed into a human’s mind and heart like never before. This did not take away any human’s free will. Men could choose to do what they liked and while the Holy Spirit is a Counselor and a Helper trying to live by the leading of the Holy Spirit can be a challenge. We see God much better than we did before we received the Holy Spirit but it still is like looking through a dark piece of glass at a dim image. However, if that glass were removed and we all saw God clearly we would never get about the business of the Church. So, God purposed that this is the way He wants things now.

As things are, we humans in Christ struggle with temptation and sin. We struggle with wanting our free-will back after having committed it to God when we accepted Christ in the first place. We grapple with unexplainable mysteries and heartbreaks. We must live by faith and not by sight. We must love others more than we love ourselves and yet fight our own flawed human nature that tells us to do what is best for us and to forget others.

But, the good news is that Jesus is coming back again to rapture the Church. He has told us that He has gone away to prepare a place for us, His Bride. And when she is in heaven there will be the wedding supper of the Lamb and the marriage will be consummated. But, what does that mean? We already know that we will not be married or given in marriage in heaven. We already know that when we are raptured we will have glorified bodies. So, what is this consummation if it isn’t a sexual act?

This consummation is where Christ will fully enter each individual and unite to become One with them. Just as Jesus is fully God and fully man, so will we be. We will be completed. The flaws and hinderances of our old human nature will be gone. No longer will we have those weak areas of cravings and desires but we will be bolstered by Jesus’ power enmeshed so completely within us that we will not know where Jesus begins and we are left off. We will still retain all of our own individuality, though. We will not become Jesus-clones. We will have the mind of Christ in that we will know what Christ is actively thinking. The days of our struggling to hear God through the Holy Spirit will be gone. The Holy Spirit will bind us fully together. So much so that Jesus’ memories will be in our minds as if they were our memories. This is how Jesus will rule and reign with us as leaders and rulers on the earth for a thousand years. This will keep us from sinning as well. We will be bolstered now from within in a way that ensures that God will not lose any one of us when the devil is released to tempt man again after that 1,000 years.

During this 1,000 years there will be many people living on the earth who were not raptured. These will be those who lived through the tribulation and had children. These will not have that inner fortification as those who were raptured will. They will be subject to temptation and sin and sadly, many may fall away.

While releasing the devil so that he can tempt man again always seemed like an odd thing to do, I have come to realize that God wants to get several messages across to us that we have failed to see.

  1. If there were no choice as to whom we would follow then we would be slaves. If all I could choose was Jesus then that isn’t a choice I can make, that is an edict. Jesus doesn’t make slaves. Free choice is always a hallmark of His love.
  2. This will show humans that no matter how good or how bad things get man can not go it alone without God.
  3. This will also show all of us who were raptured and are enmeshed as One with Christ that God’s hold on us is so strong that we will never sin again and that there is no way we will bring sin into heaven or fall as the Archangel Lucifer did (whom we now refer to as the devil).

Now, God will be in so so completely that we will be firmly fixed and unshakeable. He will have the desire of His heart to be One with His creation. God in us. God with us. God before us and God behind.

This may all sound like what I am saying is that Jesus will desert His physical body for all eternity to be in us but actually I am saying the opposite. Once Jesus took on His body the transformation became complete for all time. The only way Jesus could be an eternal bridge that keeps all of us in Christ’s righteousness is by His being in the same form as we, redeemed, are. So that through Christ our status has been elevated above the Angels. Right now, we are below the Angels in status. This is why the devil has sway and power over us. But, when Jesus raptures us and we are transformed we will be transformed into His eternal image. And when that happens we will no longer be vessels that hold the Holy Spirit as we do now. Our transformed bodies will be eternal and God doesn’t want us to live forever in a fallen state. But, if we are transformed and living in an eternal form the Father wants us to be fully protected against ever sinning again. After all, an Archangel named Lucifer fell. So, to lock us into this pure state Jesus will permanently inhabit us to a much fuller degree than the Holy Spirit ever could. No longer will we have to repent, turn around, or go in a new direction. Our course will never change with Christ, Himself enmeshed into every part of our being. No longer will we have to eat or drink of His Word. We will know His Word because we will have the mind of Christ. We will not be possessed or overtaken by Christ but filled with Him. We will be bonded as One with Christ just as Jesus was God in the flesh.

Just another blinking in sunlight.blog post for thought.

Be blessed or be left!

Janet Williams