Nakedness is unacceptable!

Next, my mind wandered on over to Adam and Eve. Just after their fall from grace they saw each other naked and they were ashamed. But, Adam and Eve had obviously not seen themselves as naked before their deadly mistake. Why? It was because their sin had changed them. At one moment they were covered with God’s glory, then they sinned, and the next moment their very being is transformed. Sin transformed them. Sin altered them; it changed them. God’s glory or God’s Spirit which had been their outer covering was moved by their sin. They couldn’t help it. They experienced a kind of death. This kind of death was one which would reverse the divine order which was Spirit, soul and body before their fall. Now, it was altered to body, soul and Spirit. (See 1 Thessalonians 5:23) That which was on the outside was reversed by sin. That which was outward was shoved deep within their bodies. So, the Spirit and the soul were now shoved deep within their bodies. What once was on the outside could no longer be seen and could no longer function in the way God had intended their beings to function. It leads me to think that maybe the physical body was originally designed to only be an interior structure that held the Spirit and the soul on the outside, but there is no scripture I can find that says so.

Anyway, Adam and Eve are standing there looking at each other and what do they see? They see their differences. They have now lost the ability to automatically see their spouse through the veil of glory which is the Spirit because that Spirit has been shoved inside of their bodies. Once it was automatic and now it was manual. But, when we read Genesis 2:9 in the Amplified Bible we read this:

And [in that garden] the Lord God caused to grow from the ground every tree that is desirable and pleasing to the sight and good (suitable, pleasant) for food; the tree of life was also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the [experiential] knowledge (recognition) of [the difference between] good and evil.

Did you notice it?



There is a quote I thought about the other day. It is by Aristotle and it goes like this, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” Maybe I’m thinking about it because I saw a woman pulling up weeds and planting some flowers. I held my tongue as I watched because I was thinking that if she didn’t put a barrier down and mulch on top of that barrier she would have flowers consumed by weeds.


A Few Thoughts on Creation…

The accounts of the creation in Genesis 1 and 2 are not meant to be a complete explanation of how God created the heavens and the earth. These few scriptures’ purpose are only to convey that God did create the heavens and the earth and all it contains, including humans.
As men today struggle with creation versus evolution it is important to note that when the creation of man by God from the dust of the ground is brought up in Genesis 1 and 2, God is referring to a different kind of being than any other being that ever walked on this earth. God is talking more about the creation of a being who is made in the image of God. God is Spirit and Truth. This creation account of Adam is about the creation of a Spiritual being; one who can communicate with God and have a relationship with God.


The plan of salvation and good deeds don’t mix!

For those who think that just being good and doing good deeds gets you to heaven:

Jesus did not come to promote those who do good deeds. He did not come to save those who do good deeds. People who perform good deeds receive their reward of knowing they did a good deed. Who needs Jesus to save them from that? No one!

It is not in the Bible but the ancient proverb says, “A good deed is its own reward”. Meaning that the feeling of doing something nice for another is a feeling that is a reward in and of itself. So then, why do we think God will reward us again for our good deeds? Why do we perceive that God should pat us on the back for having done what is naturally the right thing to do in the first place?

Jesus came to bring life to the spiritually dead. He came to open the eyes of the spiritually blind. He came to set spiritual captives free and He came to be an expression of the Father’s love for us. We and our “good deeds” aren’t involved in any of that.

However, the question could rebound back onto you because if you refuse Jesus’ death on the cross for your sins but you believe that just being good gets you to heaven then what will you say when God asks you why you refused to acknowledge Jesus’ free gift (Jesus’ “good deed”) for you?

Good deeds are not an acceptable alternate for Jesus’ fleshly death on the cross and shedding of His blood. No alternative exists.

…………………blinking in sunlight!………………………

Janet Williams


A Gardeners’ Offering…A Story of Love and Unacceptability.

I think Cain was a person who loved gardening. Maybe, he was a farmer or he could have been a man who had a fruit orchard. After reading Genesis 4:2b (NLT), “When they grew up Abel became a shepherd, while Cain cultivated the ground”, I think it is fair to say that each son of Adam’s favored in their careers what they enjoyed the most.

It’s interesting to note that in Genesis 4:4 it states, “Abel also brought (to God) a gift- the best portions of the firstborn lambs from his flock”. This gives me a clue that God had already instituted the act of animal sacrifices as atonement for sin. Otherwise, this would be one strange and cruel gift to give. I’m thinking that there must have been some instruction by God as to what He found acceptable as a sin sacrifice for Abel to bring this gift of a cut up lamb to God. I would suspect that God taught Adam and Eve all about sacrificing animals and their blood on altars as atonement for sin right after they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden.


Missing jigsaw puzzle pieces…..

The other day, I was listening to a sermon on the radio about King David. Dr. David Jeremiah was recounting all that David’s life contributed to our Bible which caused me to think of how big of a hole there would be in my Bible and my life if David’s life and the Psalms weren’t there. The Bible would feel incomplete. Not only would the Bible be incomplete but my understanding of Who God is and how a successful relationship with God works would be lacking.

But as I was contemplating this a small, gentle voice inside my head said, “Don’t you know? Each one in My kingdom who loves Me is just like David is to you. If all in My kingdom; all throughout time were each a piece of a giant jigsaw puzzle and you were a missing piece, I (God) would feel the grief of that hole in the puzzle. You are a valuable part of My kingdom. You underestimate your value. Think of the price My Son, Jesus, paid to give you entrance into My kingdom. He valued you over His own life because the puzzle without your presence leaves a big emptiness. Your personality, your life is shaped by Me, your God, to be the exact mix of colors needed to bring continuity to the surrounding pieces so that if someone could see the entire puzzle’s picture they would see, the face of My Son, Jesus.”

I guess what I am saying is I need to stop singing the phrase in the song “Amazing Grace” about being a “worm” and be convinced that in Christ I am a new creation. I am valued. I have been bought with a price. And I am God’s gracious gift from the Father to His Son, Jesus and back again!…………….And so are you!

blinking in sunlight anew!

Janet Williams