Being a Clownfish in an ocean that is God

This morning, as I picked up my Bible, I had an image flash before my mind’s eye. I saw an underwater scene. I saw a sea anemone from the vantage point of a fish hiding inside its tentacles. I felt strongly that my picking up my Bible had some connection with this scene.



I awoke the other day and it instantly flared up again. I wasn’t awake five minutes and a very old emotional wound popped open. I thought that was dealt with! I thought that was gone and over. It was a bit out of the blue but it was triggered by something (what I don’t know). It could have been a TV show or an oldies song on the radio that was popular way back then. I guess it doesn’t matter because it felt so fresh and so painful. I have long since forgiven everyone involved. I have even prayed that God would help them forgive me. I have also long since lost touch with anyone who knew anyone who was involved. (It wasn’t sexual, in case you were wondering).


Who’s image?

The other day, I went out on a walk. As I ventured down a street where new homes were under construction, I noticed a lot of rocks that had been dug up. Something caught my eye in one of them and I picked the rock up to find a fossil of a seashell. It is interesting to me that the actual shell is long gone and the only evidence that is left of it is the impression it made in the mud.


Afterlife Lessons…Lifestyles of the Eternally Saved.

There has been so much talk about lifestyles lately, that it is dizzying. Talk about what lifestyles are acceptable to God and what lifestyles aren’t. Whom God likes and whom He doesn’t and for what reasons, scriptures and the like as conversations buzz around us Christians like flies. So, if you will permit me, will you listen to a different angle on this subject?


Some thoughts on approaching God…The Name Game.

In this series I’m going towards exposing a few things that I think really irk God. These are things which, over the years have reached out to me from the pages of the Bible and through a few sermons that have stuck with me.

Even though God is not a human, is it so far off to think of interacting with God in the same way you would interact with another human? At least, I think, we should start there. So, here we go……


God is love but God requires acceptability.

While God may overlook a lot of things, God doesn’t overlook unacceptability. Let me give an example.

I was watching a sitcom the other day. An 18 year old college student had just come home and told her parents that she was engaged to be married. Her parents didn’t even know she was dating. So, the man came over for dinner and the girl’s parents tell him that they don’t like him. They say their dislike of him has nothing to do with him. Their dislike of him has to do with the way their daughter presented him to them; quickly and at the last minute.

The father went on to give an example. He asks the young man what his favorite food is and the young man says that it is steak. The father then goes on to ask that if he were to present this young man with a wonderful, juicy, cooked steak but serve it on a trashcan lid, would the young man find that acceptable? The young man admitted that it would not be acceptable. The father ends the example by saying that his daughter’s presentation of this man to her parents, hastily and at the last minute was tacky, trashy and inappropriate.

This is a great example of love versus acceptability. While the young man may love the steak he certainly wouldn’t eat it if it had been served to him on a dirty trashcan lid. So too, with God. How so?