Which is conducive to a long life?

Life is like a shattered window. There is either the hole or the broken, jagged glass. There is no third option.

So, in the question of “what is more conducive to your living a long and fairly happy life?”, here are the two options:

A) Contend with a God whose acts and allowances may be viewed as unloving


B) Contend with pure evil that is out to sift you like wheat.

        Which one can you live with for a lifetime ?

       Which one can you see your way through?

If you only had a choice between those two, which would you choose?

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When I was in my late teens, I quite quickly discovered a couple of truths. I discovered that the devil really exists and that he is not content with just leaving me alone. I had been forced to go to church up until I was 13 and was confirmed. I was forced to go to confirmation classes every week for several months and I remember hating it. I flippantly failed every test and wondered if I would still be confirmed. I had no more of an idea of who Jesus was than before I began attending church. Church became like school. Wether you had an interest or not you had to buck it up and just plow through it. I thought that because once I was confirmed that was the end of church for me, it didn’t matter if I believed it or cared.

Then I saw the movie, “The Exorcist” and everything changed.