Gifting versus Character…Which needs to win out!

Words come easily to me. I love to write down all the things I feel are from the Lord in my life. I read the scriptures (and after many years of doing so) I find that the Spirit within me has been trained to hear things that are beyond the words on the page. I love to write all of that down. I have prayed that I would have the gifting of  “like the pen of a ready writer” in Psalm 45.

I would consider what I have a gifting. It is a special anointing on me to do what others would find hard to do. It is a form of grace and it is through the Holy Spirit. It is given by God for His special purpose.

Many years ago, I was at church and the sermon was about a guest speaker who had been at our church several months prior. The Pastor was telling us (without being specific) that this Guest Speaker had sinned and was stepping down from his Pastoral duties for a time. Then the Pastor said something that has stuck with me. He said we are bound to fall when our gifting becomes greater than our character.



It would be the most cruel and unloving act ever perpetrated against humanity if our God of love never told us that the biggest problem we will ever have is this invisible thing called “sin” and then not give us the cure.

Unless God told us, how would we know that we had sin within us?

And what a cure! Personally, sending His Son, Jesus, to live with us; to live like us and to die a horrific death for us must have certainly been beyond what was minimally necessary to cure sin.

That’s because God, the Father, wanted more than just to be our heavenly Doctor Who gives us a pill and sends us on our way. God, the Father, wants a relationship. He wants to be an active presence in our lives. He wants to cheer us on, root for us and encourage us. He wants to teach us, lead us and guide us. Then, He wants to welcome us into His home for eternity to live with Him.

Cruel destined us to be mummies but Kind destined us for Life!

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Seeking First

By the time I retired I was a mess. I was burned out and wiped out. My self-will was out of my control. I had pushed myself along in life for a long time and I just couldn’t do it anymore. My will was shot because I had overused it. I had demanded of it to get me up in the morning and force myself through the day. I became angry and I couldn’t shake the anger. I became enraged at things I really wanted to let go of but couldn’t. By the time I finally retired I was a mess but God didn’t intend to keep me that way.


Oil slicks and Titanic failures.

You have purchased a ticket to ride on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. You are standing on the dock hugging your family and crying out “goodbye”. You walk up to the gangplank and before you take your first step onto the gangplank a stranger runs up to you and cries out, pleading with you to not go aboard the ship. “Don’t do it! Don’t ride on the Titanic!”

You look at him and then look at the Titanic. A beautiful, massive ship. It was touted as “Unsinkable!” in the press.

What do you do?