Have you ever felt that all of the major decisions you’ve made in your life were only reactions? In other words, the reason you came to the conclusion and the action you did wasn’t because it was true to who you are and who you want to be but because you were just reacting in pain to the alternative? Did you ever feel your actions were reactionary much like a pinball hitting up against the bumpers of the game called life?

It’s like the feeling that all you are in life is a fireman and you rush to put out one fire and then rush to put out another fire but you can do nothing to prevent the eruption of the fires in the first place. You end up going from one critical decision to another crisis moment thinking that there has to be a better way to live.

I’m certainly not one to blame all or even most of my life’s problems on the devil but I certainly can see who I take after when I live my life in this way. That’s because he is the father of all reactionary living.

So, I see what the devil does…..And I see what God doesn’t….

And, I see what I do…

But, I’m thankful that I sometimes get a glimpse of a better way offered in the bible…

That’s when it’s time to turn to Jesus because I know my only way out is going to be through submitting to His power.

It is always hard to yield and admit that I need help. I imagine myself looking up to Jesus, The Light of the World. I squint my eyes, trying hard not to look away because that human nature part of me doesn’t want the light exposing my flaws. But, I do this because I know it is better to withstand the discomfort of blinking in the sunlight than to cower in despair in the darkness.

…blinking in sunlight….BLIS.BLOG…..by Janet Williams…..A BLOG TO SEE!..

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