Who I am

My name is Janet Williams. I was born and raised in the United States in the midwest and accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was (somewhere around) 17 years of age. My passion is exploring God’s Word, the Bible. I began journaling what the Lord revealed to me in His word in the 1990’s but didn’t get serious with it until the past 10 years. It wasn’t until after I retired in 2016 that I even considered the possibility of creating a blog in order to share my journal writings.

So, what event in my life spurred me on to eventually creating BLIS, the blog?

In December of 2010, I drove down to a small town in Arkansas to visit with my family for the New Year’s holiday. Since the beginning of September, 2010, I had been seeing an inordinate amount of the same sequence of numbers. The numbers 111 had been strikingly abundant. I saw these numbers when I would glance at the clock, on a billboard or even at the grocery store at the checkout. It was becoming glaringly obvious that there was a message in all of this because it was happening almost every day.
As I was visiting with my family, my sister had been telling me of a teaching she had heard on the radio about constantly expecting God’s goodness. That message really hit home to me. I realized that I constantly expected the world’s badness but rarely expected God to go out of His way in any miraculous way for me. These words “constantly expect God’s goodness” became like a song that rang through my head over and over again, all that weekend.
January 2, 2011 was a cold Sunday. It was only 7 degrees outside and I had to head home. I was alone in my car on that morning. It was so cold that I did not take off my coat or gloves even though I had the heater on full blast. My feet were like ice. I drove down 2 lane country roads (since there is no major highway to drive on for the first 150 miles) and did not pass many cars on the road that day.
After the first 45 minutes of the 5 hour drive, my car began to make a noise. After a half hour the noise grew louder. I kept driving because the farmhouses were in the distance and I could not guarantee that anyone would be home. No stores or gas stations were open because it was a holiday weekend and it was a Sunday. Even if they were, they could not look at or fix my car.
I began to pray and that is when I remembered to constantly expect God’s goodness. I kept telling Him that I knew Who He Was and Is and Will be. I sang songs of praise and kept driving.
By 9:30 in the morning and after over 100 miles in the car I pulled into a Wal-Mart in Rolla, MO. I parked in the automotive section and finally turned off the engine. A young man who worked there poured 4 quarts of oil into the engine and as I turned the car back on and stepped on the gas, he watched as oil spewed out all over the pavement below my car. I had a hole in my oil line. Water must have been in the oil line and froze to the point that it burst the line.
Yet, if it had not only been 7 degrees (F) my car would have overheated and died along the road. The oil would have been thinner and would have emptied out much quicker causing irreparable damage to the car’s engine. Yet, because of God’s goodness my car’s engine suffered no lasting damage. I stayed overnight in Rolla, had the car fixed by a local mechanic and was on my way the next day.
It was the next time that I again saw the repeating numbers 111 that I immediately thought of that day in January (1st month of the year) of 2011. From then on I have always said out loud “I constantly expect God’s goodness” whenever I see the numbers 111.
I never work at defining God’s goodness. I don’t put God in a box and ask for His goodness to come to me in a certain way or at certain times. I just am open to His goodness in every day situations and I am eager to see Him move in my life. I have found that I am much more thankful and grateful. I find I recognize what has just happened as God’s goodness where I would have been dismissive in the past.
So, I pass on to you the act of constantly expecting God’s goodness. I also pass on to you the practice of stating that you expect His goodness whenever you see the numbers 111. Lastly, I pass on to you the challenge of pushing aside the expectation of the world’s badness in order to hold fast to the hope and expectation of God’s goodness.
Standing in that Wal-Mart parking lot and knowing that I did not break down along a country road like I really should have was a true
……………………………..blinking in sunlight……………………………
kind of moment! I pray that you will experience, see, know and feel your own God’s goodness, blinking in sunlight moments too!